Last night, a tragic incident occurred near a jetty in Okirika Local Government Area of Rivers State, where sixteen people were feared dead following an explosion. The cause of the explosion was traced back to a pipe used for loading fuel at a Port Harcourt Refining depot. On July 31, the pipe spilled fuel, unbeknownst to the workers, as the hose disconnected from the badge, causing the petrol to pour onto the ground.

Upon witnessing the fuel spill, some residents began to scoop up the fuel and store it in various locations. Unfortunately, the situation turned disastrous when two fishermen unknowingly fished near the jetty. One of the fishermen was carrying a lantern, unaware of the hidden petrol nearby, resulting in a devastating explosion.

A reliable source revealed that powerful individuals attempted to conceal the incident, raising concerns about transparency and accountability in such situations.

Akuros Robin, the Okrika Council Chairman, was contacted regarding the incident, and he confirmed its occurrence. However, he stated that only four people lost their lives, which contrasts with the initial fear of sixteen fatalities.

This tragedy serves as a reminder of the importance of safety protocols and proper handling of hazardous materials. Our thoughts and prayers are with the affected families during this difficult time.