When a professional pursuit or career is one’s childhood ambition, there is always an extra drive from the individual, Meshal Khalid H. Alshehri, the owner of Half Million Coffee (also known as ½ M Coffee).

He said “I loved coffee from my childhood , and this love grew stronger in me until the idea succeeded when I launched ½ M Coffee. Then I opened other branches, and the turnout and interaction increased unexpectedly. Now, I own the best coffee cafes around,” he said.

He added, “It fills me with joy when I established an office and I read about myself as manager and owner of the largest high-quality cafe.”

Asked what he would have turned to if he weren’t in the coffee business, Meshal Khalid H. Alshehri said: “I don’t know. My penchant for coffee will make me look for a job similar to this field.”

The coffee business requires some expertise and the CEO of Half Million Coffee avowed that he has some of the leading experts in the art of making coffee. “They have several years of experience and are adept at making excellent brew bring that will make anyone who drinks a cup of coffee a permanent customer. You know, the secrets lie in making mixtures between different types of coffee, and we know the trade secret.”

The Half Million Coffee CEO further admitted that social media contributes to the boom his business is enjoying. “I used social media for advertising and promotions of Half Million Coffee cafes and it was the leverage we used to escape the devastation of Covid-19 during the global lockdown of 2020. While our outlets were shut, we were making sales online, taking orders online and delivering to homes,” he said.


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