In a surprising turn of events, Ambrose Alli University in Edo State has taken decisive action against 13 staff members for various cases of misconduct. The university’s Staff Disciplinary Committee (USDC) has shown zero tolerance for fraud, extortion, illegal fees, sexual harassment, and other unethical practices among its academic and non-academic staff. The committee’s report, presented to the chairman of the Special Intervention Team, Andrew Olotu, has shed light on the findings and recommendations that led to these dismissals.

Rigorous Investigations and Swift Consequences

The USDC has demonstrated its commitment to maintaining a clean and ethical work environment. With a total of 219 cases reviewed, the committee has completed investigations and taken decisions on 132 cases, with 87 cases still ongoing. The 13 dismissed staff members, hailing from various departments, including Engineering, Nursing Sciences, Law, and more, have faced the consequences of their actions. From age manipulation to examination malpractices, their misconduct has been met with swift and decisive action.

Notable Cases and the Pursuit of Justice

Among the cases that have caught attention, Mr. Christopher Ehigie, an assistant lecturer, was found guilty of sexual harassment and has had his appointment terminated. Dr. John Ehiavbi, an associate professor charged with extortion and other misconduct, has also been dismissed. Furthermore, the USDC uncovered a case of fraud and extortion involving Mr. Ifeanyi Nwadike and Mrs. Deliverance Brotobo from the Nursing Science Department. The duo employed a non-staff member and illicitly collected funds. Mr. Ifeanyi has been dismissed, while Mrs. Deliverance’s promotion has been halted for six years before eventually being dismissed from the institution.

The Road Ahead

The report’s reception by Andrew Olotu, head of the Special Intervention Team, has been positive. Appreciating the USDC’s fair and unbiased investigations, Olotu has vowed to ensure that those found guilty do not escape the law. The SIT will further investigate and deliberate on the report, reinforcing the university’s commitment to upholding justice and integrity within its ranks.