Amnesty International, a global watchdog, has expressed grave concern over the relentless wave of killings perpetrated by terrorists and bandits in Nigeria, even after the installation of a new government. According to the organization’s Acting Nigeria Director, Isa Sanusi, a staggering 123 deaths have been reported within a mere 15 days since President Bola Tinubu assumed office on May 29, 2023.


Urgent Call for Action: Lives at Stake, Government Must Prioritize Protection


Sanusi emphasized the horrific nature of the attacks, stating that rural communities, perpetually on edge due to the looming threat of violence, are now grappling with deadly assaults from marauding killers. Protecting the lives of citizens should be the paramount focus of the new government, and urgent measures must be taken to put an end to the bloodshed. Amnesty International urges Nigerian authorities to address this alarming situation promptly.


Government Accountability and Impunity: A Growing Concern


The failure of authorities to safeguard the people of Nigeria is becoming distressingly commonplace. Although the government has pledged to implement security measures in response to these attacks, these promises have yet to materialize into effective action that shields vulnerable communities from harm. Additionally, the Nigerian authorities have consistently neglected to conduct independent, impartial, and thorough investigations into these killings, perpetuating a culture of impunity.


Upholding Human Rights: Obligations and the Pursuit of Justice


Under international human rights law, regional human rights treaties, and Nigeria’s own constitution, the government is obligated to protect the rights of all individuals without discrimination, including the fundamental right to life. Amnesty International calls for swift and fair trials for those suspected of being responsible for these heinous crimes. Justice must prevail to address the ongoing atrocities and provide closure to the affected communities.