Maj. Gen. Barry Ndiomu (rtd), the Interim Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP), has stated that he will not succumb to fraudulent activities despite facing blackmail attempts. Ndiomu made this declaration in Abuja after briefing the new National Security Adviser on the progress of the PAP under his leadership. He emphasized that the recent media attacks orchestrated by individuals claiming to be ex-agitators are sponsored by unidentified groups and individuals.


Gen. Ndiomu firmly asserted that no amount of blackmail would compel him to engage in fraudulent activities within the Amnesty Programme. He affirmed his commitment to do what is right and just for the people and to vigorously pursue the objectives of the PAP.


The Interim Administrator warned that individuals who are beneficiaries of the PAP but engage in spreading false narratives would face consequences in accordance with the program’s existing laws. He noted that in the past, ex-agitators were used as conduits for illegal diversion of funds from the PAP. Ndiomu urged contractors with outstanding payments to follow proper procedures instead of spreading false information.


Addressing corruption within the program, Ndiomu highlighted cases of beneficiaries receiving stipends through multiple accounts linked to a single Bank Verification Number (BVN). He expressed concern about the extent of corruption and emphasized his commitment to combat it, stating that it would not be “business as usual.” The Interim Administrator also mentioned past instances of contractors colluding with PAP staff to inflate contract sums but affirmed his determination to maintain integrity and reject fraudulent operations.


Ndiomu had previously discouraged ex-agitators from relying solely on the monthly stipends of N65,000, as it fostered a culture of indolence and laziness among the youth. As part of efforts to address this issue, the PAP recently launched a Cooperative Scheme to provide sustainable and productive opportunities for ex-agitators.


Maj. Gen. Barry Ndiomu (rtd), the Interim Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, remains resolute in his refusal to engage in fraudulent activities despite facing blackmail attempts. He vows to uphold integrity, combat corruption, and pursue the goals of the PAP. Ndiomu warns beneficiaries spreading false narratives and encourages contractors to follow due process. Additionally, he emphasizes the need for ex-agitators to seek more sustainable means of livelihood and introduces the Cooperative Scheme as a platform for their productive engagement.