Adapting new social morals for the Ivorian student turned to be a norm. From a country where the basic education system is of quality, most Ivorian students do academic journeys without fault. They occupy the top of the pavement in the respective channels they signed up for. However, they deplore certain living conditions. First, the way of life, the climate, the variable social relations of Ivory Coast in Burkina Faso. For example, Ivorian students will need to learn how to ride on a motorcycle and support a heat of lead.

Rosine Konan, pharmacy student at the University of Ouagadougou said she had been locked up in her house for three days when she arrived in 2013 because of the heat. The travel problem is a Chinese puzzle for many students. ′′ Here the taxis don’t fit inside the neighborhoods and we walk more well than borrowing a taxi “, says a student who required anonymity. For Géneviève Dakouri, a 3th grade medical student, it is the move of her place of accommodation (Quartier Tampouy) to the university that is her main concern. On the other hand, they easily fit into the social fabric. Because the youth of Burkinabe mostly comes from the Ivorian diaspora, those commonly called ′′ Diaspos “.

Recreational and leisure spaces (maquis) in the Ivorian flood the city. It is not uncommon to meet students who came to relax after weeks of intense necks in the amphitheaters. ′′ From time to time I come to the boarding school here after the bosses “, says a student. Another challenge students will have to deal with is the overcrowding of amphitheaters. Built in 1974, with a capacity of 20000 students, the University of Ouagadougou currently welcomes more than 100000 students. In some fields students are forced to come very early to bring handy chairs to hope to take a class.



NB: Article written as part of a Master’s year exercise with journalist Moussa ZIO (RCI).



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