In a startling revelation, Akin Osuntokun, the Director-General of the Labour Party Presidential Campaign, has alleged that Lamidi Apapa, the acting chairman of the party, is being sponsored by the All Progressives Congress (APC) with the aim of destabilizing the party’s efforts in the upcoming 2023 struggle. Speaking on Channels TV Politics Today, Osuntokun expressed his belief that Apapa is driven by an obsession for recognition.


Osuntokun went on to suggest that the APC has a vested interest in the Labour Party’s internal conflicts and could be orchestrating Apapa’s actions. He stated, “They are becoming useful to parties interested in destabilizing the Labour Party.” He further asserted that Apapa’s motives are aimed at subverting the Labour Party, indicating an ulterior agenda at play.

However, Osuntokun emphasized that Apapa holds little significance within the party and possesses mere nuisance value. He described those behind the destabilization efforts as mercenaries, lacking a genuine concern for the party’s best interests. Their actions, according to Osuntokun, do not align with the party’s goals and are detrimental to its progress.


Osuntokun also raised concerns about the alleged rigging of the Labour Party Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi, who possesses international appeal. This manipulation during the election deprived Obi of a fair chance to represent the party and contribute to its advancement.


The claims made by Osuntokun shed light on the intricate political dynamics surrounding the Labour Party and its struggle for a successful 2023 campaign. The alleged sponsorship of Apapa by the APC adds a new layer of complexity to the party’s internal dynamics, warranting scrutiny and vigilance from party members and supporters alike.