by Nwokoma Messiah.

I just finished watching a documentary on the activities of Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere as regards suffering Widows in the country. I will surely recommend the video for many of us to watch.

Madam Gladys Nnenna seemed to have forgotten everything about living a decent life after the death of her husband. For ten years she hovered between places squatting with friends and relatives a situation which was made worse as a result of her being childless.

Behold a helper came her way drying her tears by providing a very decent accommodation for her. She never saw it coming but God used his servant to dry her tears.

Madam Gladys is one in so many who the kind hearted man of God is changing their lives and stories.

I am aware that CNN is requesting for votes for it’s annual award called CNN Heroes. I am also aware that CNN does a wonderful job of painstakingly researching on what people are doing to change the world for better. On this premise, I want to publicly recommend Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere for such recognition. He has done marvellously well for humanity.

Take the case of Mrs Uche a widow also with four kids and nobody to help out. He came to their aid and today, has changed their story to that of joy and hope.

Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere is a gift to mankind and a true hero to widows. He does not only build houses and hand over to them, he gives them the empowerment to better their lives so they will not become economic burdens.

Take the case of Mrs. Uche whom he built a two bedroom flat for and another one bedroom for rentage to help the financial needs of the family.
One very interesting thing about the whole philanthropic activities of this man is that the beneficiaries are not in anyway related to him neither does he looks at tribe or religion in doing what he does.

He is just a living phenomenon in the act of helping people from very poor homes to acheive what they never thought would be possible. The fact that he has always humbled himself to uplift the downtrodden stands him out as a true disciple of the Christian faith who should surely be emulated by all who aspire for a better world.

Nwokoma Messiah contributed this piece from Abuja Nigeria.


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