Moderation is very essential in whatever we do as human beings. Leisure is a beautiful garment, but it will not do for constant wear. This aptly illustrates the value of leisure showing that it should be balanced with productive activity.

A wise king Solomon identified two extremes to be avoided. First he noted; the stupid one who folds his hands eating his own flesh. This is sluggishness which can bring one into poverty. As a consequence, it can endanger the lazy one’s health, even his life.

Balancing work and LeisureOn the other hand, there are some who sacrifice everything on the altar of hard work. Solomon described their ceaseless toiling as ‘vanity and a striving after the wind’

With good reason, a balance is recommended. Think of it in other aspects such as eating, partying and anything you can think of right now. Better is a handful of rest than a double handful of handwork and striving after the wind king Solomon further indicates.

To all you workaholics who fancy showing people how busy you are. Why not take some time and reflect on what you are missing? Think about this ‘what if you just cease to exist in the moment?’ Dear reader, life will go on without you. There is no harm in taking the chill pill and just flow with the tide for a moment and see life above the desk.

To the sluggard who avoid work and only fantasize about being successful. A little more sleep, and a little more slumber is a waste of days, and hours without number. Without care of improving your mind or surrounding, you’d only be one who walks about aimless. For it is better to do a menial work on the streets than depend on charity.

A person should see good because of his/her work. Simply put, (s)he should periodically take time to enjoy their wages.

You can imagine the sweetness of sleep for those who deserve rest from work. Are you among those who enjoy a balanced view of work?