Better Governance: A Prerequisite For Our Great Nation


Nigeria my country, a land accommodating to all tribes, religion, turns out to be a game of partitioning for greedy ‘patriots’ over time. We have those who have enough, always wanting more to the detriment of fellow Nigerians.

As always, citizens, especially youths, have been key players of nation development which seemingly is more so than the government elected into power. What benefits has the government given to our society, masses in return to show a systemic long term support or even appreciation? Other than psychological pain, terrible roads, poor electricity starvation, increased fuel prices, outrageous food stuff prices and consistent cases of insecurity, we can’t point a structure that is beneficial for ALL citizens. This situation is just sad and unbalanced.

A government, having nerve to embezzles billions of funds meant to develop its country, is publicly seen to actively participate in deteriorating the future of the youth of its citizens. I cry, yet I see nothing but hope because we all deserve a better government. How can palliatives for Covid-19 be stored for resale to its citizens who government has frustrated by refusing to have a systemic way of distributing palliatives to households? How can vibrant youths unite in order to protest against #EndSARs and be shot at and killed like terrorist by her government set to protect her citizens?

I tell you people of Nigeria, my beloved country. We have survived all that has been thrown at us in hunger, in weakness and misconception. This is what we truly fight for; Justice, peace, unity, equity, fairness, an end to bad governance. Honestly what I clearly see is that our government has made us fools, over and again.

Issues of lost lives at Lekki toll gate has become old news all because there is a new distraction- hunt for #Covid palliatives, where ware houses are being ransacked. This is more like the revenge of the masses. We are better than all debasing manners of approach to social benefits even from the top government to the least man on the street. We rather have a focus on our unified goal or we fight for nothing forgetting that strategy is everything.


By: Amaechi Davis



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