In a surprising turn of events, Hollywood icon Brad Pitt made a memorable appearance on the Season 3 finale of “Dave,” the comedy series inspired by the life of rapper and comedian Dave Burd, known as Lil Dicky. Despite Pitt’s limited television appearances in the past, his involvement in the show was driven by his genuine appreciation for the series.


Pitt’s role in the finale extends beyond a mere cameo. He features in Dave’s music video, an infectious tribute to his celebrity crush Rachel McAdams, and later finds himself at Dave’s house, unwittingly caught up in a tense situation involving a stalker named Bella. Alongside Dave and his hype man GaTa, Pitt’s character must navigate the dark and suspenseful episode, which also includes a guest appearance by Dave’s idol, Drake.


According to Burd, Pitt brought his improvisational skills to the role, injecting humor and energy into every scene. As the episode delves into themes of fame and validation, Pitt’s presence shines as a symbol of success and wisdom. Burd wanted someone who could relate to the quest for validation in their early 30s and who may have encountered obsessive stalkers in the past, making Pitt the perfect fit.


The finale intentionally leaves some elements open-ended, allowing viewers to speculate about Brad’s fate. Burd and Drake filmed various versions, exploring different outcomes, but ultimately decided to leave it unresolved. As the episode fades to black, attentive viewers can catch a subtle thumbs-up gesture from Pitt, offering a beacon of hope.


Working with Brad Pitt left a lasting impression on the cast. Ganter, in particular, expressed his surprise at Pitt’s genuine and friendly demeanor, making him feel like they were longtime friends. Pitt’s presence and professionalism were appreciated by everyone involved.


As for the future, Burd envisions further opportunities to expand the story beyond the finale. While the Season 3 finale wraps up the characters’ current arcs nicely, there is still plenty of room for growth and new ideas in potential future seasons.