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Ensuring a camaraderie in all depositions we find ourselves

Chained Dreams & Visions

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I see innocent citizens devastated, confused, cut off from the abundant gift of a supposed organized nation built on democracy.

Most of us feel cheated by the order of the day. Throwing a little light on education. This sector has no improvement; it gets worse by the years. I ask myself these questions;
What’s the benefit of a government raising a budget for the educational sector?
Are these finances well managed for its purpose?
Who investigates how well this budget are duly utilized?

Here is the thing. Our educational curriculum sucks, no improvements nor structures to meet up a reputable standard compared with the budget raised, no staff training or a properly set up committee to improve on the already existing standards. I laugh at our foolishness to who we elect in such positions.

How blind have our leader’s visions darkened? We are our own problems and I will prove to you now. Most developed countries edge in standard because of a well-organized democracy. Imagine making someone who studied medicine a Minister of Labor, someone who studied Agricultural Science an Information minister. How can we let the sheep control the Sheppard? In my opinion to get the best of everyone’s capacity is to assign people who have gained years of experience in the field the studied a major role to head. In that way innovation are certain as ways to curb situations and maximize growth are achieved by the right people.

Jobs, issues on level of qualifications and unemployment having great tie in devastating the young youths of today. I ask myself this questions, why are some fields of study more important than others?

My Belief in the Nigerian Leaders
Ikenna Davis

Why is our nations growth channeled to some particular sectors? I’m here to educate my leaders. Ask yourselves why haven’t you tried this? What if you make every sector as equally as important by raising its salaries?
All aspect of work has to be equally respected be the teachers, carpenters, plumbers, Artists, bankers, just as much as engineers in Oil companies. Let me fill you in on what you achieve with this plan. You will realize that a lot of people tend to do more and better in their own sector because there’s passion for the job they do and it will eradicate unemployment and leave the oil sector not to be highly rushed but rather occupied by people who are meant to be in the oil sector.

Our nation ought to be democratic and not a family business nor a deal for elite class to rule a nation. What kind of country are we when we generate constant electricity supplies to neighboring countries and yet do not have electricity? What kind of citizens are we? The ones that watch those we elected ridicule us by raising billions of budgets to various sectors and then to be utilized and cornered by family members for their selfish reasons. What is the stand of our legislative and judiciary arms? Who is making the call to fight corruption and set up committees to checkmate this great lapses.

What kind of a country proudly does procurement bidding for Automated Generators to be substituted for Electricity just because someone enriches him/herself to the determinant of others. How can we all keep quiet to telecommunication networks reaping our hard earned money off by their huge tariff plans just because an individual has a share benefit to that.

A country like ours should have gone past the plans of road construction being a habit in every newly elected government. Does that mean our leaders are not innovative? Are better job positions meant only for children of the rich? Or do you need a godfather in order to gain employment? Why aren’t there provisions for more facilities and job roles to accommodate the growing population of great minds being the youths to innovate a collapsing nation with their natural gifted talents?

I stand tall being troubled by the nightmares created by my supposed mentors who are disguised as leaders with no regards nor remorse for their wicked actions to our great country.

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