The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on healthcare systems in the country, the Guild of Medical Directors FCT (GMD FCT) has said the nation’s capital is fast becoming Nigeria’s medical tourism centre.

The public relations officer, Dr Biodun Ogungbo said “It is very difficult for patients and relatives to travel abroad for health care at the moment. Therefore, it is more pertinent to let Nigerians know what is available and where in Abuja,” he said.

He said the guild remains committed to supporting local health care services, hospitals especially reduce import taxes on health equipment and eliminate multiple taxations from local governments all over the country.

He said, “If the government stops multiple taxations and reduces the cost of importation, the cost of care will come down and hospitals would be better able to deliver quality care to more Nigerians.

“We will be hosting a programme in Abuja to display our latest advanced diagnostics centre.

“At the moment many Nigerians cannot afford the cost of care and are trooping to charlatans and unskilled practitioners.

He added that if the government supports local hospitals by patronising them and shunning medical tourism, the health care landscape will improve with more confidence in the system.


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