Thu. Feb 20th, 2020


Ensuring a camaraderie in all depositions we find ourselves

Create Your Comfort By The god In You

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Just a warm embrace sometimes can make a difference when you feel blue. Do you feel as though you cannot hold back your tears in the dark? Or wonder about the feelings of what it’s like to have someone listen to you and other time talk with you so that you would listen also. The senseless need to feel like you belong.

Be comforted. You are not alone. There’s more to life that meets the eye. You do not need a person, to feel happy. Find your own excitement within yourself and in tandem with nature. Go out, watch the birds or even people watching. There is something inside of you that needs lighting up. Find it then you will find your path in creation.

Create your world at large.
What is more amazing and divine than yourself as a being?

I’m not here to tell you that you are special. You aren’t. In the whole universe or multiverse per se, you are just a spectacle. What makes you unique is the vibration and the rhythm you happen to create within and without yourself. When you leave it dormant or to chance, you aren’t much alive.

Here’s the thing. Live the brief amount of your life. Create your happiness. Create something by yourself. You are a god of some sort. Do not wait for some motivational speaker to tell you that you are something special and in need of something to feel something.

What is more amazing and divine than yourself as a living being? Find your peace, live your dream. Don’t be afraid don’t hold back. Have you ever wondered what is more to this life? What happens when you no longer exist in your material self? Be evolved and enlightened. Get a new attitude. Being you ought to be the attitude. Whatever you are in this cosmic drama, embrace it and act it out. Whatever you are, don’t have an excuse for not living your peak. Stop pretending to fit in to someone’s life, or a society- a curse as it isn’t the intention of the whole idea of creation.

To whom it may concern, someone out there in despair. Wake up from that self-pity cocktail you are enough for yourself, and the world at large.

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