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Dear South Africa,

How could you be so ungrateful and wicked to a people that tilled and labored hard to see to your emancipation from apartheid enslavement of years past?

How have you forgotten so quickly that Nigeria spent billions of dollars to the attainment of your freedom from the white supremacy rule in apartheid South Africa?

It is on record that workers in the Nigerian civil service seed a part of their monthly salaries for the struggle to liberate your country.

Our leaders like General Muritala Mohammed (Former Head of State) was assassinated shortly after he spoke out for you on the need for your emancipation. There was a conspiracy theory that General Mohammed was assassinated with strong support from the foreign superpowers, who were very uncomfortable with the stand of Nigeria on the apartheid issue.

You have suddenly become myopic to the fact that all your black leaders including your present president enjoyed compassion and benevolence from the Nigerian government. You now feel like you have come of age and therefore think xenophobia is the instrument of appreciation to your African brothers?

South Africa! You must know that you have bitten more than you can chew. Your recent violent attack on over fifty Nigerian businesses in Pretoria and Johannesburg is uncalled for.

You may have gotten away with such senseless and evil acts of xenophobia in Nigeria in your country in the past. It is time you know that we as a people can no longer condone it. Enough is enough!

Note that your country does not have a monopoly of evil or violence. In any case, you must know that we are better than you and will always be.

You must know that we as a people sure have retaliatory attributes too and we are well capable of retaliation for every death, property loss and damages you have caused us.

Your citizens are so lazy! So lazy that they think Nigerians are taking over their jobs, businesses, and women.

If you must know, the Nigerian businesses you are attacking are small businesses built by hardworking Nigerians.

Down with South Africa for every Nigerian soul you have killed! Down with you for every destruction you have brought upon any Nigerian business in your country.

It is high time you take note of our capacity and capability to retaliate every killing and business damages you have caused our citizens.

Be aware that we know where all your core business interests are here in Nigeria. We also know where most of your citizens reside in our country. We were only accommodating your excesses all this while.

Do not text our collective will as the true giant of Africa.

As you may have been aware, our President is sending an envoy to meet with your President to strongly express our displeasure with your evil acts of wanton killings of our citizens and the destruction of their businesses.

Henceforth, there must not be any form of attack or threat against any Nigerian citizen or any African citizen for that matter. Enough is enough!!!

Finally, I want to note that we as Nigerians will continue to accommodate your citizens and investments in Nigeria. I, therefore, join my voice to that of every well-meaning Nigerians to appeal to our angry citizens here in Nigeria to continue to maintain a great level of maturity and restrain even in the face of provocation.


Pic Credit: PInterest
Pic Credit: PInterest