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Death of DJ Arafat: What to Remember from the Artist and his Work

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How can you understand that his death can generate so many emotions in Côte d ' Ivoire and around the world? Why did the big media make his death top-choice news? Is DJ Arafat a model for African youth?


A team of commander Papus Ismaïla Zongo’S Online Magazine emotions Interviewed an Author of Readerslogue; Youssef Ouedraogo on the artist DJ Arafat and his work, following his death:

How can you understand that his death can generate so many emotions in Côte d ‘ Ivoire and around the world?

Why did the big media make his death top-choice news?

Is DJ Arafat a model for African youth?

A generation centered at the source of ancestral values, would see the artist Arafat as an avatar of the coming of African societies, who have borrowed other ways of life at the expense of their own. It would political leaders like Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba, Marien n ‘ Gouabi, Nelson Mandela, who fought, sometimes at the price of their lives, to free Africa from the domination of white people. Decades after their disappearance, they continue to fascinate African, even global youth.

This youth that would have passed from the superfluous of the current world to register in the noble fight of these leaders: a worthy Africa and master of its destiny. We could hear the names of Che Guevara, Malcolm x, um nyobe, Félix Moumie, Camilo Torres, André Matsswa, Simon Kimbangu, Albert Luthuli, boganda, all murdered or died in prison in the name of freedom, and the love for nationalism.

A part of African history also remains marked by resistance against the French invasion, such as the almamy Samori Touré, Behanzin. The colonialism to justify its reason to be has shown them as thirsty kinglet. But these heroes remain in the African collective consciousness as models. In the field of music, the models will be the artists engaged for noble causes. The ” good ” Artist, in addition to his artistic creativity, is the one who ” must be with his people “, by denouncing his suffering, his anguish, but above all by giving him hope, because on the creators Meeting the expectations of society.

We could quote as examples, Myriam Makeka whose fight had forced him in exile (Guinea Conakry), Franklin Boukaka, Alpha Blondy, Lucky Dubé, this generation whose artistic commitment to a just world their Have earned global recognition. The Model Artist is therefore seen from the angle of the artistic creation and the nobility of his fight. Can we include Arafat in this artist’s classification? Is Arafat a model for African youth?

Africa has experienced many changes in the contact of the outside world. Artistic creation is not in the rest. In addition to local rhythms inspiration music, new trends or forms, sometimes under the dictate of the major European record houses will be re-launched on the continent. Some specialists believe that African music is in the process of losing its soul, quintessence, and value. It is therefore in this new perspective that DJ Arafat is part of this new perspective

Yes, DJ Arafat is a model of success in urban music in Côte d ‘ Ivoire including the quirky coupe. He would have, after the death of Stéphane Amidou Doukouré (Doug Saga), the spawner of the movement, held the sugarplum high to these competitors to the point of becoming the icon of this movement.

Enjoying a great popularity at the price of a doggedness in work, he has influenced several young artists to make the music to hope to achieve success. Many International Artists (Jay Martin, Mokobé, Master Guim’s) have made artistic collaborations with the “King of the coupe-quirky”. his many rewards that he has won on the continent finish to convince his haters of his exquisite talent. On the artistic level and dress sense, he was of an singularity that raised curiosity.

On the other hand, this thesis can be qualified. The Coupe-quirky by essence is far from being the music of awareness and awareness. He cultivates the worship of the person, the spirit of debauchery, exhibitionism, easy gain.

When we refer to its birth context, it is seen that some actors of the movement were involved more or less in scam, theft, and even its source of funding (The Gbagbo regime to distill xenophobic and xenophobic messages) is a debate.


This is certainly, one of the reasons that could explain the fact that the artist, despite his popularity with African youth, has never been made an ambassador of a noble cause by international organizations.

Above all, DJ Arafat would have marked his time. His hijinx felt by his fans. He was a genius of his generation. His name remains engraved in the collective memory.

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