Wed. Jan 29th, 2020


Ensuring a camaraderie in all depositions we find ourselves


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In my abode, the depth of melting stars, and warm maple butter,

I see smiles and laughter around,

But, here I am, in the midst of it all with ice shards in my chest,

My eyes glazed over, glistening with cold blue tears,

I’m bounded to the ground by pain in its entire glory,


My mouth’s sealed by dried up tears and the blood of my wounded heart,

I’m held in shackles by the thought of death, heaving in the stream of distress,

Is it all in my head?

My heart’s out its cage, my lungs about to be ripped out with a rusted scalpel,

I feel me drowning, in cold waters, kicking, hoping to be saved, wishing someone will reach out, and pull my head above water.



Pic Credit: Pinterest – Redbubble

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