Contrary to media reports, the wife of the director-general of the State Security Service, (SSS) Aisha Bichi has stated that she never gave orders for the arrest of the Kano governorship candidate of the New Nigeria Peoples Party, NNPP, Abba Yusuf, nor the killing of his aide before boarding an Air Peace flight from Kano to Abuja on Sunday night.

According to an official who works at the Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, revealed that the situation started at the gate of the VIP lounge, when the motorcade of the politician caused heavy traffic, blocking Mrs Bichi’s convoy from gaining entrance into the airport.

In a conversation with Aisha Bichi she debunked the reports that she gave orders to have Abba Yusuf arrested.

” I never gave any order for anyone to arrest or kill anybody. The agent was just trying to protect me when one of the goons attempted to harm me. Any one can investigate into the matter ,ask eye witnesses”.

Another eye witness at the scene of the incident stated that the matter escalated when the DSS agents attached to Mrs Bichi demanded entrance into the airport but Abba’s thugs denied and seemed unmoved before they turned violent while Abba Yusuf was watching from his car at the scene.

He said, ” The motorcade of the political aspirant caused a jam and prevented the convoy of the Dog DSS wife from going in. When the DSS agents attached to her demanded entrance , the thugs who accompanied Abba Yusuf became violent and denied them entry. The DSS now made move to enter again, it was then that the gubernatorial aspirant came down from his car and joined his goons in harassing the DSS agents”.

A porter at the airport who also witnessed the altercation revealed that the wife of the DG DSS made a move to end the fracas which was rebuffed by Abba Yusuf.

” As the whole thing was going on, the woman in the other car came down and started trying to bring peace, she appealed to the politician to let it go and allow them passage , but the man started talking rudely to her and started raining insults on her. It was when one of the thugs of Abba Yusuf attempted to harm the woman, one of the DSS men now defended her and he fell down” he said.

One of the DSS officials attached to the DG DSS wife expressed his dismay over the story that was making rounds in the media, affirming that the spouse of the DG DSS never gave any express orders to kill or arrest the Kano state NNPP gubernatorial candidate, but rather the agent was protecting his charge as his duty demanded.


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