The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has recently sounded the alarm, leaving content creators, movie producers, and skit makers in stitches of worry. In a statement released on Wednesday, the EFCC’s spokesperson, Wilson Uwujaren, firmly warned against the unauthorized use of the agency’s branded jackets, symbols, and insignia.


According to the Commission, the employment of the EFCC brand in movies without proper authorization is no laughing matter. The statement emphasizes the need for operators in the creative sector to seek the Commission’s approval, which includes subjecting scenes that portray the agency’s operations to thorough scrutiny. The goal is to ensure that false or misleading messages are not unwittingly communicated to the public.


While recognizing the industry’s desire to produce captivating movies and skits centered around economic and financial crimes, the EFCC emphasizes the importance of collaborating with the Commission’s Public Affairs Department. Equipped with expertise in working with motion picture practitioners, the department aims to assist in educating the public, particularly the youth, about the perils of economic and financial crimes through the medium of film.


From now on, anyone found in violation of this advisory will be treated not as a Hollywood impersonator, but as someone facing the full consequences of their actions. Lights, camera, caution—it’s time for content creators to heed the EFCC’s warning and keep their creative endeavors within the bounds of legality and respect.