The Ekiti State government has issued a prohibition on the staging and hosting of an event called “Kiss-A-Thon” in the state. The Ministry of Arts, Culture, and Tourism conveyed the prohibition through a letter sent to the state chapter of the hoteliers association, warning against holding such an event.


A flier promoting the event, which was obtained by newsmen in Ado Ekiti, the state capital, advertised a “SUGARTREE KISSA-THON 3-Day Kissing Marathon” scheduled to take place from July 7th to July 10th. The event aimed to break the Guinness World Records for the longest kissing marathon.


The letter, signed by the state tourism director, Mr. Adebanji Adelusi, on behalf of the ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Dele Ogunsemoyin, described the event as absurd and immoral. It emphasized that the event is not only unhealthy but also goes against the values of the state and could have a negative impact on the moral upbringing of the youth.


The Ministry of Arts, Culture, and Tourism, in light of the information received, prohibits the hosting of the “Kiss-A-Thon” event or any similar events in Ekiti State. The ministry views such events as contrary to the state’s values and likely to denigrate its image. It has urged hospitality outlets in the state to refrain from hosting such events to continue operating lawfully.


The government’s decision to prohibit the event reflects its commitment to upholding moral standards and preserving the cultural values of the state. By taking this stance, the government aims to promote responsible behavior and ensure that events hosted in the state align with its principles.