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Ensuring a camaraderie in all depositions we find ourselves

Eves’s Curse

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All the days of a woman is pain.
The curse that Eve doth bring
In it sometimes much to gain.

The pain of puberty as time to bear,
Of carrying a child or losing one so dear.
Pain felt when she can’t conceive,
Or the pain of giving birth with no bereave.


In this pain is a message that she lives.
Though all days of a woman is pain,
Time of her life is in seasons
That which is five and plain.

Eve;s Curse

One that she be born so she cries
Another she grows to feel the pangs of love
Three, she be mother to a youngling
Then she feels nothing no more.
At last her time is spent sometimes she feels sore

She sits and wait for death
Either in reaping or repaying,
Singing the songs on her cradle
So her life is a complete circle.

All the days of a woman is pain.
Her heart deeper than an ocean,
Memories of her days are sweet and bitter,
That in her heart she may share with no other.

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