The term “by-product” has an interesting ring to it. Taking a closer look, a by-product is defined as a secondary product that is the result of manufacturing another (primary) product. This seamlessly translates to Niko Kotoulas’s belief that fame is just a by-product of passion and that fans’ love is a musician’s primary goal.

While Niko Kotoulas has found formidable success, that was never the main objective. He just wanted to release great music without limiting himself in competition with others. Niko Kotoulas wanted to put out songs a true artist could be proud of and music that would resonate with anyone who did hear it. It was all about passion, expression, and connection, never fame and fortune.

The approach certainly paid off as this sincerity went a long way with fans. Combined with Niko Kotoulas’s relatable lyrics and sharing life experiences, he found a much larger audience than expected. Not to mention a lot sooner than expected. It can be rightly said that listeners have flocked to Niko Kotoulas due to his authenticity and honesty.

Today’s music is permeated with digital elements and effects that make mediocre names sound like they belong with true legends. These tracks are missing the core element that has led to Niko Kotoulas’s success: storytelling. Niko Kotoulas has always loved stories and wanted to incorporate a narrative quality in his music. So, he took a stake that to gain listeners, maybe a good story set to equally good music would attract an audience. This assertion turned out to be a formula for tremendous success.

Niko Kotoulas takes great joy in knowing he gave fans something they wanted and is deeply grateful for their support. While fame and fortune have inevitably come along with these adoring fans, Niko Kotoulas sees them as by-products. What truly matters is your audience’s love because that is something no amount of money can buy.