According to the mid-year activity report of the Lagos State Fire Services, at least 42 people have tragically lost their lives and properties worth N14.62 billion have been destroyed in a series of fire incidents in Lagos over the past six months. The director of the agency, Adeseye Margaret Abimbola, revealed these figures, which covered the period between January and June 2023.

During this timeframe, a total of 1,462 emergencies were reported, including 924 fire cases, 92 rescue cases, 41 salvage cases, three explosions, two building collapses, and 400 false calls. The agency successfully rescued 177 victims, but sadly, 42 others were recovered deceased.

The report also highlighted that approximately N87.72 billion worth of properties were saved, but the losses amounted to N14.62 billion. Adeseye attributed the increase in fire incidents to carelessness and negligence, which were identified as the major causes of these disasters. Additionally, the change in strategy for attending distress calls without double-checking for false alarms resulted in an increase in unfavourable calls.

Factors such as climate change and the proliferation of domestic gas usage as an alternative fuel were also cited as contributors to the rise in fire outbreaks. As the agency works to address these challenges, it emphasizes the need for public awareness and responsible actions to prevent future incidents.