Former President Muhammadu Buhari has strongly refuted claims circulating on social media that he urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to refrain from investigating certain ex-officials from his government. In a statement labeled as “fake news,” Buhari’s spokesman, Garba Shehu, emphasized the importance of disregarding such baseless information and focusing on verified facts. The former President’s priority is to maintain his well-being while allowing the Tinubu administration to effectively fulfill their electoral promises.


Garba Shehu, spokesperson for former President Buhari, categorically dismissed the reports as false and urged the public not to engage with or give credibility to these unfounded claims. Shehu highlighted that Buhari intentionally maintains a low profile to avoid creating distractions for the new administration. He further emphasized the need to concentrate on reliable and verified information, dismissing the circulating rumors.


To find the desired tranquility and solitude, Buhari initially returned to his hometown of Daura. However, the constant influx of visitors hindered his pursuit of rest. Consequently, the former President relocated to a more secluded location, hoping to achieve the much-needed peace and relaxation he desired. Shehu explained that Buhari’s intention is to remain outside the spotlight to avoid diverting attention from the new administration’s focus.



Garba Shehu reiterated that Buhari’s main concern is his personal well-being, allowing him to rest and recharge. Simultaneously, he recognizes the importance of creating an enabling environment for the Tinubu administration to deliver on their electoral promises. By maintaining a distance from public attention, Buhari aims to ensure that the new administration can work diligently and efficiently without unnecessary distractions.


The claims suggesting that former President Buhari requested President Tinubu to avoid investigating ex-officials from his government are baseless and should be disregarded. Buhari’s spokesperson emphasized the need for factual and verified information, urging the public not to give attention to fake news. As Buhari seeks solitude to focus on his well-being, he also desires a conducive atmosphere for the Tinubu administration to effectively fulfill their electoral promises. Let us remain vigilant and rely on credible sources for accurate information.