The Kano State Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Commission (PCACC) has apprehended the main suspect involved in the alleged diversion of over N4 billion belonging to the Kano state government. The suspect, who is the founder of the NGO “Association of Compassionate Friends” and the sole signatory of a business account under “Limestone Processing Link,” stands accused of utilizing these accounts to redirect government funds.

PCACC revealed that the arrest followed the suspect’s intrusion into sealed warehouses, an act in violation of the Kano State Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Law (2008). The warehouses were initially seized and sealed by PCACC under a court order in connection with allegations of misappropriation and diversion of more than N4 billion meant for Kano Agricultural Supply Company.

Additionally, the suspect’s son, who serves as a co-signatory to an account associated with “Association of Compassionate Friends,” has also been taken into custody. This account was used to divert N3.27 billion of Kano State’s funds.

PCACC emphasized that while “Association of Compassionate Friends” was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, its objectives did not encompass any form of commercial business. The commission further alleged that N480 million was diverted through the bank account of “Limestone Processing Link,” managed by the founder of the aforementioned association. Notably, N400 million of the diverted funds were used to establish a fixed deposit account under the principal suspect’s name.

The PCACC has announced that both suspects are scheduled for arraignment in the near future.