Akeem Owonikoko, a revered member of Ososa’s So Safe Corp, is facing allegations from Ogun State police of armed robbery and illegal weapon possession. However, a different truth emerges from sensational media coverage. Both Owonikoko and his community staunchly assert his innocence, portraying him not as a criminal but as a community champion who has dedicated his life to maintaining peace and security.

In an emotionally charged exclusive interview with the Yoruba Broadcasting Network, Akeem Owonikoko sheds light on his perspective. He unveils how he fell victim to circumstances, becoming a target of ill-intentioned forces aiming to sully his reputation and undermine his livelihood.

Owonikoko’s journey traces back to his 2014 enlistment in the So Safe Corp, prompted by the havoc wreaked by the Eye confraternity cult on his hospitality business. Equipped with a vigilante uniform and security tools like pepper spray, shockers, and jacklives, he stood vigilant in safeguarding his community. Collaborating with security groups such as Agbekoya and Amotekun corps, he united with fellow volunteers to combat crime and preserve order.

In 2017, Owonikoko procured his first firearm from a hunter named Victor, later downsizing it due to malfunctions. He asserts the sole use of the weapon for self-defense, never engaging in unlawful activities. Close collaboration with diverse police units and various DPOs underscores his dedication. His efforts culminated in his appointment as the unit commandant for the vigilante corps in Ososa.

The community rallies behind Owonikoko, attesting to his character and integrity. They laud him as a devoted So Safe Corp member who consistently leads the fight against crime, fostering peace in the area. Allegations against him are met with shock and disbelief, dismissed as baseless fabrications.

If Owonikoko’s account holds true, he emerges not as a criminal but as a community icon wrongfully accused and unjustly detained. His plea for justice and freedom resounds, emphasizing the need for appreciation and belief, rather than scorn and dismissal.

As Owonikoko’s fate hangs in balance, he appeals to authorities, media, and the public for a thorough and impartial investigation. He urges the public to perceive him through his years of community service, rather than hasty internet judgments. Tearfully, he implores, “They framed me; I am not a criminal. I am a peacekeeper, a community hero. Please help me clear my name.”

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