The Nigerian government has announced significant improvements in the country’s passport application process, after implementing measures to streamline service delivery and combat corruption. According to Interior Minister Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, the government’s call for citizens to report corrupt officials and avoid patronizing them has been widely heeded, leading to tangible results. In a statement, Aregbesola highlighted the new front desk office in Oyo State as an example of the government’s commitment to improving the passport process, saying it will make data capturing, production, and collection easier.

While acknowledging the skyrocketing demand for passports in the past three years, Aregbesola assured Nigerians that the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) has continued to meet the demand while maintaining the highest quality standards. However, the waiting period between application and biometric data capture remains a challenge, as the existing passport offices can only attend to a limited number of applicants each day.


To address this, the government has introduced front desk facilities, where applicants can submit their biometric data and complete their application without any judgments. The government aims to reduce waiting times to six weeks for fresh applications and three weeks for renewals, once biometric data enrollment is completed.


This significant improvement in Nigeria’s passport application process is welcome news to Nigerians who have endured long waits and frustrating experiences in the past. With the government’s commitment to continued improvement and the public’s support, the future of Nigeria’s passport process looks bright.