Gang Houses Turned Dream Homes

El Salvador’s Bold Housing Initiative As part of an unconventional social housing plan, El Salvador reclaims gang-infested houses and transforms them into havens for locals.

From Havoc to Homes

El Salvador’s Battle Against Gang Violence Former gang strongholds now witness a remarkable transformation as derelict houses become safe and welcoming homes for residents.

 A Brighter Future

Escaping Gang Violence in El Salvador Residents embrace newfound security and civic pride as gang-controlled neighborhoods make way for a gang-free, peaceful environment.

Dropping the Curtain on Violence

El Salvador’s Successful Security Policy El Salvador’s military-led crackdown on gangs brings a drastic decline in crime rates, creating hope and optimism in once-dangerous areas.

Human Rights Concerns

Balancing Security and Individual Liberties While crime rates drop, human rights organizations express concerns about the arbitrary detainment of individuals with no gang affiliations.

Reclaiming Freedom

From Overcrowded Cells to Community Rebirth Stories of resilience emerge as individuals share their experiences of liberation from gang-controlled territories, ushering in a new era of peace.

El Salvador’s innovative approach to combating gang violence by reclaiming and repurposing derelict gang houses has sparked a positive change. Formerly plagued by fear and violence, neighborhoods are now experiencing a resurgence of community spirit and hope. As crime rates drop, residents embrace newfound freedom and the chance to rebuild their lives in a safer environment. While concerns about human rights persist, the transformative impact of this security policy cannot be ignored. El Salvador’s journey