In the realm of Gen Z language, a high Snapscore can be seen as a badge of popularity or an indication that someone is well-connected on the app. The internet is abuzz with “What’s your Snapscore?” videos, taking TikTok and YouTube by storm, with commenters amazed at both record-breaking and surprisingly low scores.


Snapchat, however, remains tight-lipped about the precise equation used to calculate your Snapscore, as confirmed in an email response to USA TODAY. The score is influenced by various factors, including the number of Snapchats sent and received, Snapchat Stories posted, and other undisclosed variables.


While the specific point value assigned to each individual Snap or Story remains a mystery, one thing is certain: actively using the app is the key to boosting your Snapscore. Regularly posting to your Story and engaging in back-and-forth Snapchats is the most effective way to increase your score.


To check your own Snapscore, simply navigate to the Profile section of the app by tapping the upper-left corner, where you’ll find a circle featuring either your Bitmoji or Story. Your score will be displayed next to a ghost icon below your name and username.


If you’re curious about a friend’s Snapscore, you can search for their name or find them in your recent chat history. By clicking on the circle next to their name, featuring their Bitmoji or Story, you’ll be directed to their profile page. Their Snapscore will be listed alongside a ghost icon below their Bitmoji and username. The mystery of Snapscores continues to captivate users, keeping them engaged in the world of Snapchat’s social hierarchies.