The Global Peace Advocacy and Empowerment Initiative (GPAEI) has named Eze Rosemary Peace as a Global Peace Ambassador. Eze Rosemary Peace was honored with the Certificate of Ambassadorship after being recognized as the Global Peace Girl of the Year 2022. The Director General of GPAEI, Amb. Chief (Dr.) Badamasi Sadiq Ibrahim, presented her with the certificate, acknowledging her relentless efforts in promoting peace and social reforms.

Eze Rosemary Peace’s appointment as a Global Peace Ambassador was confirmed after extensive consultations with the board members of GPAEI. This prestigious recognition highlights her commitment to the cause of global peace and aligns with the vision of the organization.

As a Global Peace Ambassador, Eze Rosemary Peace will be responsible for various activities aimed at promoting global peace and raising awareness about the objectives of GPAEI. Her role includes introducing developmental initiatives and promoting the organization’s work.

Eze Rosemary Peace has demonstrated outstanding performance in social campaigns and initiatives focused on human empowerment. Her active involvement in anti-drug abuse campaigns and support for combating substance addiction in Nigerian communities have been commendable.

In addition to her achievements, Eze Rosemary Peace participated in a UN program titled “Diplomatic Simulation of the United Nations,” organized by Best Diplomats. This program, themed “Diplomacy Beyond Barriers,” provided her with valuable diplomatic experience.

Eze Rosemary Peace’s appointment as a Global Peace Ambassador by the Global Peace Advocacy and Empowerment Initiative reflects her significant contributions to peace-building efforts and social reforms. The organization recognizes her dedication and is confident in her ability to effectively promote global peace. This prestigious appointment adds to the list of notable personalities recognized by GPAEI for their exceptional roles in advancing peace and empowering communities.