The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has lodged a serious allegation against the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kaduna State. The PDP claims that the APC members in the custody of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) have been involved in the act of thumb printing fresh ballot papers. In a series of viral video clips shared on social media, the PDP’s State Collation Agent, Comrade Danjuma Bello Sarki, and other party members were seen revealing the thumb printed ballot papers, which they intend to present as evidence at the ongoing Gubernatorial Election Petition Tribunal.

However, the INEC’s response to this accusation remains elusive, as attempts to contact the Commission’s Head of Publicity and Voter Education Department in Kaduna have been unsuccessful.

Responding swiftly, Yahaya Baba Pate, the Kaduna State Secretary of the APC, released a press statement dismissing the PDP’s claims as an attempt to deceive both the Gubernatorial Elections Tribunal and the general public. Pate alleges that the opposition party has resorted to tampering with ballot papers in an effort to salvage its weak case and falsely implicate the APC. He emphasizes that the APC has consistently upheld the highest standards of integrity and adherence to the rule of law. Pate categorically denies any involvement or intention by the APC to engage in the thumb printing of ballot papers before their presentation as evidence in court.

He condemns the PDP’s baseless accusations as a desperate tactic to divert attention from their own misconduct and discredit the ongoing tribunal proceedings.

The APC urges the PDP to cease employing subterfuge in their desperate bid for an unfair advantage at the Gubernatorial Elections Tribunal. They appeal to the PDP to respect the judicial process, present their case with credible evidence, and refrain from spreading misinformation that undermines the credibility of both the tribunal and the democratic institutions of the nation. Expressing confidence in the impartiality and fairness of the Gubernatorial Elections Tribunal, the APC trusts that the tribunal will conduct a thorough and unbiased examination of the presented facts, ensuring justice is served and the will of the people is upheld.

Furthermore, the APC reiterates its commitment to the democratic process, good governance, and the overall development of Kaduna State. They pledge to continue working tirelessly to fulfill the aspirations and expectations of the people, delivering on their promises and building a brighter future for all.

With the PDP leveling accusations against the APC regarding the thumb printing of ballot papers, tensions have escalated ahead of the Gubernatorial Election Petition Tribunal in Kaduna State. While the PDP vows to present the alleged ballot papers as evidence, the APC strongly denies any involvement and calls for the PDP to respect the judicial process. As this political drama unfolds, security agencies have been urged to investigate the matter and prevent further manipulation. It remains to be seen how the Gubernatorial Elections Tribunal will handle this controversy and ensure a fair resolution in line with the democratic principles of Nigeria.