In a twist fit for a wild west comedy, the Gombe State Police Command rounded up four suspicious cows that had gone astray from their rightful homes just in time for the festive Eid-el Kabir celebration. The daring rescue mission was revealed by the Command’s witty spokesperson, Mahid Muazu Abubakar, who couldn’t resist milking the situation for some humorous headlines.


The bovine bandits were apprehended by sharp-eyed police operatives following a report filed by a distressed villager named Malam Jibrin from Gidim village. Jibrin claimed that under the cover of darkness, unknown miscreants had infiltrated his compound and snatched away his prized bulls valued at a staggering 700,000 Naira. Not ones to let the grass grow under their feet, the detectives sprang into action, trailing the scent of the stolen bulls to an unlikely hideout—an unfinished building in Nassarawo quarters.


Much to everyone’s surprise, the recovery operation revealed not just two, but a grand total of four bulls suspiciously mooing under the same roof. The complainant, Jibrin, confidently identified his long-lost bovines amidst the confusion. However, the plot thickened when the investigators stumbled upon an unexpected twist—a locally made pistol accompanied by two live cartridges. It seemed like the alleged cow-nappers weren’t just adept at cattle rustling but had ambitions beyond the herd. With the investigation still in full swing, the police remain determined to rope in the elusive culprits responsible for this audacious heist.


In a separate tale of law enforcement heroics, the Gombe State Police Command received a distress call that set their sirens blaring and their gunslinging officers racing towards action. Infamous armed robbers had been terrorizing the unsuspecting residents of Gombe metropolitan, particularly in the neighborhoods of Arawa, Malam Inna, and Nayi Nawa quarters. The gang of outlaws had struck fear into the hearts of the community, looting valuables and leaving a trail of chaos in their wake.


Their reign of terror met an unexpected roadblock when they decided to take on the wrong residence—the home of Alhaji Gidado Muhammad Sani in Arawa Quarters. Unbeknownst to them, this homeowner had a security guard who refused to be cowed by their menacing presence. As the thieves forcefully made their way inside, a fierce shootout ensued. The ensuing gunfire wounded the brave security guard, Mohammed Abdullahi, but it also signaled the arrival of the cavalry—the Gombe State Police.


Under the command of the valiant CP Oqua Etim, the tactical team of Operation 999 responded swiftly, engaging the robbers in a blistering gunfight. In a showdown worthy of a classic western, one of the notorious criminals, known by the alias Albaru, met his match and was swiftly neutralized. The lawmen also managed to apprehend three additional members of the gang, while six others escaped into the sunset, nursing their suspected bullet wounds.


In a triumph of justice, the police recovered a portion of the stolen loot, providing a glimmer of hope to the victims who had suffered at the hands of these reckless bandits. The Command expressed their gratitude for the support and cooperation received from the community and urged them to continue being vigilant and reporting any suspicious activities or characters.


As the sun sets on these wild tales from Gombe, one thing remains clear—the Gombe State Police Command stands ever ready to protect and serve, leaving no stone unturned and no cow unaccounted for. So remember, folks, when trouble comes knocking, the Gombe Police will always be there to moo-ve it along!