Hope Amidst the Pandemic


Ahmed, I hope this writing find you well, I believe you are safe in New York City. A cold time as the pandemic is an important moment of reflection on the kindness and love we had towards each other as a child on the street of Agege, Lagos State, Nigeria.

The dream and ambition we foster as Undergraduate student of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, and Kaduna State are moments that are hard to forget. I remember your will and drive to succeed, the promise of care you made to your mother before she gave up the ghost few hours you got a Job at Victoria Island.

I remember the laughter and happiness when you told me you got to a visa to the United State of America, escort you eagerly, watch you depart as you enter the aircraft, taking off the sky away to America.

Memories of the joy and gladness expressed on your arrival to J.F Kennedy International Airport, New York, we spoke at length about those moment and livelihood in America. Faraway, I can feel your absence, the empty street is a quick reminder of the loneliness you endure.

I remember those moments, pondering if I would relive those moment, receiving the news of the widespread of Covid-19 across New York and Major states in America. The high rates of casualties pose the question of embracing each other, considering the strict rule of Social Distancing across the globe.

Tola, I believe you are doing well, I hope you are cautious of your surrounding in Milan, Italy. A tough time as the pandemic is an important moment of reflection on the love we had towards each other as Undergraduate students of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

I remember the moment we shared on campus as Undergraduate student of this prestigious University; I did not forget the care, love and kindness you displayed, the affection we both shared despite being young and ambitious.

I think of those gifts and benevolent act, the tender care and love, asking if that would be possible to share at a very serious moment as the pandemic. I miss those moments yet I ask when I would regain it back? I remember the first kiss then but the memory is sour now that I cannot touch you anymore because of social distancing, an act Covid-19 has enforced.  I love you has become a forbidden act between Families and Friends.

Ali, I hope life is faring well with you in the city of Malaga, Spain. This is a tough time in Lagos likewise in every country across the world including Spain. You have read about the Covid-19 pandemic across the newspapers and journals. I am sure you have seen the images of medical personnel and health workers being covered to avoid being infected by the Corona Virus.

In the midst of the casualties, brace up and stay safe, observe the daily tips required to prevent contacting the virus while I expect safe and sound when I see you again in Lagos, Nigeria. Be Strong at this time; be of good cheer believing this would pass.

Above all your faith should not sink, don’t be anxious for anything like the Holy Bible would always state, positivity is what you need, it is a great required to overcome at this point of our lives. Tell your friends not to panic, don’t be afraid and don’t spread false information, please verify the source before disseminate.

I look forward to seeing you in a better moment as better person when the pandemic is over, be bold.



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