Following the recent feed-the-widows campaign she carried out in some rural parts of Lagos, founder and CEO of Susan Chanel Beauty line, Susan Esisi, has disclosed that she is presently fine tuning a plan to scale up her philanthropic activities.

“I have always been someone who gives back to society, and that comes from my upbringing. But what I have learnt over the past few months is that a far greater number of our fellow human beings are really in dire need of helping hands and it is only by helping them that we can all be prosperous,” she said.

Continuing, the certified beauty therapist said: “It breaks my heart that someone will go to bed with no food to eat, or wake up in the morning and has no hope of getting a meal into his stomach. Yet, there are millions of people in that shoe in this Lagos. So in my one way, I try to provide succour for as many people as I can.”

While feeding hungry people; widows, orphans and less privileged has been a monthly campaign for her, Esisi, however, avowed that it is one of her many philanthropic endeavours.
“I discharge my duty to orphans every month, just as I have a number of students, I help keep in school by paying their tuition fees,” the Susan Chanel CEO affirmed.

She further avowed that what she does and what a few others do is not yet enough to provide succour to the underprivileged and vulnerable members of society.

“We have numerous widows among us; we have a lot of young people who needed a lift from the poverty zone. Among us are millions of people who could not afford their daily needs, so there is so much philanthropic work for us all, not necessarily for the rich alone,” she stated.


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