In a bid to protect the recently proposed Imo Charter of Equity and ensure the success of Governor Hope Uzodimma’s re-election, the traditional rulers of Imo State have taken the matter to the gods, invoking their divine intervention against both overt and covert saboteurs. Those who dare to undermine the Charter may face dire consequences, as the monarchs seek the assistance of the land’s deities.

Led by HRM Eze (Dr.) Emmanuel Okeke, the Chairman of the Imo State Council of Traditional Rulers, the monarchs gathered at the Government House Roundabout on Thursday to pour libation and offer prayers in support of the Imo State Charter of Equity and Governor Uzodimma’s re-election campaign. They implored the gods to bless and safeguard these endeavors.

 The traditional rulers expressed their strong belief that Governor Uzodimma has exceeded expectations by successfully initiating and completing numerous federal and state projects in Imo State. They firmly believe that his commitment to development makes him deserving of re-election.

 Speaking to the press, Eze Okeke emphasized Governor Uzodimma’s outstanding performance, which has gained the admiration of the entire state, including the traditional rulers and their spouses. The libation and prayers offered by the monarchs signify their endorsement of the unanimous agreement reached by the Imo State Council of Elders and other stakeholders, supporting the full implementation of the Charter of Equity.

Eze Okeke further stated that the gathering was an opportunity for them to express their unwavering confidence in Governor Uzodimma, acknowledging his remarkable achievements throughout the state. The collective action of pouring libation and offering prayers serves as a symbolic gesture of support and solidarity.

Joining forces with Eze Okeke, the monarchs representing the three zones in Imo State—HRH Eze Thomas Obiefule (Orlu), HRH Eze Goddy Okeke (Okigwe), and HRH Eze Osuagwu Akujobi (Owerri)—participated in pouring the libation and offering prayers. Together, they invoked divine intervention, seeking protection against any individual or group that may oppose the Imo Charter of Equity or attempt to hinder Governor Uzodimma’s re-election.