By Royal Ibeh

(for Leadership Health)

A lot of people believe they are sane, hence no need for mental health lecture. But according to Lead consultant, MilaRis Consult, Jamila Idris, most Nigerians have poor mental health.

Idris said someone may be going through a rough patch in life. “Maybe you have been battling with high-blood pressure and other health complications that isn’t getting better despite all the medication.

“You feel tired, stressed and often out of control. You are suffering from insomnia, loss of appetite and lack concentration. This resulted to several queries and finally a suspension from all the mistakes and workplace accidents you were responsible for. These are symptoms of a poor mental health but most Nigerians would rather keep suffering from all these, than to accept the fact that, they have mental health problem. They don’t even want you to mention that”, she added.

Idris said the first thing that comes to the minds of many when they hear of mental health is mental instability or being mentally unstable, adding that this is a misconception.

She said, “We all have mental health just as we do physical health. However, some are mentally healthy while others are mentally ill and this illness could be mild or severe. In fact, the state of our mental health affects every aspect of our lives and is a huge determinant for success, love, wealth and fulfillment.

“Also, our physical health rests on the foundation of our mental state. This shows how important taking care of our mental health is.”

Unfortunately, this is the least concern of many, said the consultant, adding that little wonder many live unfulfilled lives, feel stuck, struggle with their finances, relationships and performance.

She said, the state of one’s mental health is evident in his moods, behaviors, thoughts and actions. “The feeling of hopelessness, extreme sadness, frustration, confusion, pain and stress are attributed to poor mental health while happiness, joy, motivation, confidence and enthusiasm are attributed to a healthy mental state.

“The major difference between these two states is the duration of time it lasts for and how we deal with life challenges. It is normal to feel sad and gloomy sometimes,” she added.

She however advised that a nutritious diet, regular exercise, adequate night sleep and water intake will improve mental health. “Speak with a therapist if you have some trauma or pain you are struggling to deal with,” she said.