In The Ivorian Students Universe in Burkina Faso


Since the 90’s, the country of integrated men has been welcoming many Ivorian students and students. The University of Ouagadougou in particular, the Department of Medicine and Pharmacy is popular by students who fly each year.

This migration flow goes into crescendo for several reasons, the main one being the instability of the Ivorian education system due to the socio-political crisis. In their host country, these students face many difficulties in their training, including the malevolence of their country, the lack of financial and material assistance from the Ivorian authorities in the host country. However, they are hoping to find jobs once they return to the country especially that they are more than satisfied with their academic training.

Two big waves of Ivorian students have surged over Burkina Faso since the 90’s. The first wave, to escape the probation established in the school system by then Minister of National Education Bala Keita. With the probation, to get to senior class requires a cease of approval. This situation will therefore force many Ivorian students in search of the Bachelor’s degree to take the way to Burkina Faso. A migration flow that can be seen around the 80 s and 90. s. Around the 93 s, Ouagadougou becomes a preferred destination for Ivorian students. This is the second wave more important than the first because of the white year. Indeed, the Ivorian school whose image, tarnished by the mood movements of teachers, students, ended up losing the trust of the parents of students.

The long Ivorian crisis that lasted ten years has led to the paralysis of the school system. Overcrowding of amphitheatres, violence on campuses, abandonment of post are among other things the evils caused, at least accentuated by the socio-political crisis. A reason supported by some students who largely explain the choice of the University of Ouagadougou which enjoyed relative stability. Ivorian students, once in the ′′ Country of Integrity Men ′′ throw their sights on the faculty of medicine and pharmacy.

As for the big schools, they have fewer students, because they are advancing, Côte d ‘ Ivoire has many reference schools. No need to move around. Well-introduced sources report the presence of students of Ivorian nationality in major schools and universities, although the number is lower. In addition to the University of Ouagadougou, an international institute (2 iE, institute of higher diplomatic training in water and sanitation, energy and electricity, civil engineering and mining, environment and management science) attracts students of the Félix Houphouët Boigny National Polytechnic Institute (INPH) for further training.


NB: Article written as part of a Master’s year exercise with journalist Moussa ZIO (RCI).



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