KFC may have flown the coop in Russia due to the conflict in Ukraine, but a new bird has taken its place. Rostic’s, a rebranded version of the popular fried-chicken chain, has opened its doors to customers in Moscow, with plans to expand to other former KFC locations across the country. While some were skeptical about the transition, many loyal customers were thrilled to see their favorite chicken wings back on the menu.

Rostic’s, which originally launched in Russia in 1993 and partnered with KFC in 2005, has now been resurrected as a Russian-owned brand. The restaurant chain’s flagship location in central Moscow was fully packed on its grand opening night, with customers raving about the food and atmosphere. While little has changed apart from the name, Rostic’s made sure to prioritize the quality of their food before reopening.

According to Tatiana Shamanskaya, who oversees KFC’s former Russian assets, Rostic’s plans to keep all former KFC employees who wanted to stay with the company. They also aim to open 1,000 new Rostic’s locations in the next five years. The new owners, Konstantin Kotov and Andrei Oskolkov of Smart Service, plan to make Rostic’s a household name in Russia, just like KFC was before the war.

So, whether you’re a die-hard fan of KFC or a curious foodie looking to try something new, Rostic’s is ready to serve up some spicy and crunchy chicken. Come and taste for yourself why this new bird in town is making waves in the fast-food industry.