The Kwara State government has taken decisive action by initiating a comprehensive statewide sensitization campaign aimed at preventing and controlling anthrax disease. This campaign involves engaging stakeholders and conducting inspections at abattoir markets and slaughter slabs in Ilorin, the state capital.

Led by Dr. Abubakar Ayinla, the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Health, a team of officials from various state ministries, including Health, Environment, Agriculture, and Rural Development, has sensitized butchers and other stakeholders in the livestock value chain about the significant implications of anthrax disease for public well-being.


Dr. Ayinla emphasized that this exercise is one of the crucial preventive measures being implemented by the government to effectively curb the spread of anthrax disease within the state. He made an earnest appeal to butchers and livestock value chain operators, stressing the importance of ensuring that only healthy animals are slaughtered for public consumption, while also maintaining a hygienic environment.


Furthermore, Dr. Ayinla urged all stakeholders to actively cooperate with the state inspection team to ensure the safety of the public against the risks associated with zoonotic diseases prevalent in the state.


Mrs. Elizabeth Samuel, the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Environment, echoed the importance of maintaining a hygienic environment to prevent disease outbreaks in the state. She specifically addressed slaughter slab operators and butchers, advising them to ensure proper waste disposal by exclusively engaging registered waste management consultants.


During the campaign, Dr. AbdulLateef Olugbon, the director of Veterinary Services from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, highlighted the fact that anthrax is a zoonotic disease that can be transmitted through infected animals or contaminated animal products, such as hide and skin.


Dr. Olugbon emphasized that the purpose of this sensitization campaign is to create awareness among stakeholders about the anthrax outbreaks occurring in neighboring countries, emphasizing the necessity of stringent preventive measures to prevent the disease from entering the country.


Through this statewide sensitization campaign, the Kwara State government aims to educate and empower stakeholders in the livestock value chain to play an active role in preventing and controlling anthrax disease. By promoting a hygienic environment and ensuring the consumption of only healthy animals, the government seeks to safeguard public health and mitigate the risks associated with zoonotic diseases.