Barrister Julius Abure, the national chairman of the Labour Party, has accused the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led government of preparing for a possible rerun of the presidential election due to the perceived unfavorable outcome. During an online meeting with the Nigerian-American Coalition for Justice and Democracy, Abure called on the party’s over 10 million members to be alert and ready to further challenge the APC in the polls if a rerun is initiated.

Addressing the gathering, Abure emphasized the need for engagement and support from the coalition in the event of a rerun election. He expressed the party’s belief in their victory in the previous election and their expectation for the outright declaration of Peter Obi as the President of Nigeria. While hoping for a favorable judgment from the tribunal and potentially the Supreme Court, Abure urged party members to stay hopeful and confident.

Director of the ObiDatti Presidential Campaign, Ambassador Oseloka Obaze, urged diaspora members to see the struggle for the recovery of their mandate as a collective responsibility. He emphasized the importance of building a great nation through the contribution of citizens, including the significant human capital present in the diaspora. Obaze emphasized the ongoing nature of the campaign for change and called for unity and support from all sectors.

Professor Eddie Oparaoji, the chairman of the Nigerian-American Coalition for Justice and Democracy, highlighted the potential of the coalition and its partnership with all Obidients in the diaspora to contribute significantly to Nigeria’s development. Through various avenues such as advocacy, human rights promotion, capacity building, investment, education and healthcare support, diaspora engagement, and policy advocacy, the coalition aims to foster democratic governance, justice, and socio-economic progress in Nigeria. Oparaoji emphasized the role of the diaspora community as a catalyst for positive change and the realization of Nigeria’s long-term development goals.

The Labour Party’s chairman’s allegations of a possible presidential election rerun and the call for unity and engagement from the diaspora demonstrate the party’s commitment to challenging the APC-led government and advocating for a better Nigeria.