In a tragic incident, a middle-aged man named Umar Faruk reportedly took his own life due to his inability to repay a debt of N1.7 million incurred for his struggling point of sale (POS) business in Adamawa.

Faruk, who appeared in court carrying a concealed bottle of rat poison in his pocket, consumed it and immediately collapsed before the judge within the court premises.

Residing in Yola South LGA, Faruk had been sued by his friend, Mustapha Baraya, over the aforementioned amount, as all attempts to recover the debt had proven unsuccessful.

Baraya had loaned Faruk over N1.9 million to support his POS business, but Faruk misappropriated the funds and only managed to repay N150,000 in installments.

Despite the court’s ruling that Faruk refund the remaining balance of N1.7 million within one month, he and his father continued to deceive Baraya, failing to honor the judgment.

During court proceedings, the defendant and his father claimed to have a rice farm ready for harvest, promising to use the proceeds to repay the debt. However, they secretly harvested the crop without informing the court and refused to refund the money.

Consequently, the court enforced its judgment by ordering the disposal of the house that Faruk had received from his father. The house was sold for N1.1 million, intending to raise the funds for repayment as per the court’s order.

Following the ingestion of the poison, Faruk immediately collapsed and was urgently taken to Special Hospital Yola for medical attention. Unfortunately, he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

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