Over the years, matchmaking expert Nkpubre Arit Edet of Lagosmatchmaker platform has built a thriving business out of the need for single people to meet themselves and find love.

The acclaimed matchmaker has averred that despite the insecurity challenges in the country, her business has continued to thrive.

“My business has continued to thrive despite the prevalent insecurity challenges in Nigeria. It has surprisingly affected Lagos matchmaker positively because more people stay indoors, try to meet others and have a social life online. It has worked to our advantage”.

Asked why she started her Lagos Matchmaker brand, Nkpubre Arit Edet said: “The platform Lagos matchmaker was created as a need for privacy in this dating age. It is a privacy focused matchmaking platform for singles over 25years who desire to meet like-minded individuals. Matchmaking was something I naturally did for friends and family. A friend once mentioned how useful it would be if I did it on a larger scale which was what led to the creation of the Lagos matchmaker brand”.

Shedding light on the need to make sure her clients her safe while trying to match make them, she stated that her business provides video call verification for premium and VIP members in order to ensure their safety and well-being.

“We have video call verification for premium and VIP members to be sure that you feel safe enough that the person you are chatting with is who they say they are. We also give advice and write contents on how to be safe but ultimately the platform is comprised of adults who will still make their own decisions. We just ask that people be careful”.

Nkpubre Arit Edet also added that there is nothing wrong if a woman makes the first move on a man, if she is attracted to him.

“Yes, i would advise anyone interested in a person to let it be known to that individual irrespective of the gender. I don’t think there is a particular gender whose responsibility is to express his/her interest”