The Legacy Continues: Consistent Constituent Support Keeps Lawmakers in Office

The lawmakers representing Abuja’s National Assembly may not always be the cream of the crop, but their unwavering support from constituents ensures their re-election term after term. Discover the reasons behind their enduring popularity and the wealth of experience they bring to the table as they take their seats for the 10th session of the federal parliament.

 Ahmad Lawan: A Seasoned Parliamentarian Leading with Tenure and Tenacity

Ahmad Lawan, the President of the 9th Senate, has been a fixture in the National Assembly since 1999. From his humble beginnings as a university lecturer, Lawan’s political journey has been remarkable. Explore his contributions, from representing Yobe North to his current role as Senate President, and delve into his ambitions for the future.

Nicholas Mutu: A Pioneering Voice for Delta State’s Interests

Nicholas Mutu, an influential member of the House of Representatives, has stood as a strong advocate for Bomadi/Patani Federal Constituency since 1999. Discover how his tenure as the chairman of the House Committee on Niger Delta Affairs/NDDC has shaped his commitment to advancing the region’s development and the issues he seeks to champion in the 10th session.

Wole Oke: Perseverance and Service to the People of Obokun/Oriade

Wole Oke’s journey in the House of Representatives has been a testament to resilience. Representing Obokun/Oriade Federal Constituency of Osun State, Oke has faced both triumph and defeat in the political arena. Learn how his experiences have shaped his dedication to serving his constituents and how he plans to make a difference in his fifth term.

Alhassan Doguwa: A Seven-time Representative with a Wealth of Legislative Experience

Alhassan Doguwa, a prominent figure in the House of Representatives, is embarking on his seventh term as a lawmaker. With an extensive career spanning back to 1992, Doguwa’s deep understanding of the legislative process has propelled him to key positions within the House. Explore his journey from political aide to House leader and discover the impact he aims to make in his new role.

Ali Ndume: A Steadfast Presence and Advocate for Borno State

Ali Ndume’s unwavering commitment to Borno South has led him to his fifth term in the National Assembly. As a former lecturer and chairman of various committees, including the committee on the army, Ndume has played a vital role in addressing the challenges faced by his constituency. Uncover his vision for Borno South’s future and his dedication to representing its interests on the national stage.

Enyinnaya Abaribe: From Deputy Governor to a Strong Voice in the Senate

Enyinnaya Abaribe’s transition from deputy governor to senator in 2007 marked the beginning of his impressive legislative career. Representing Abia South, Abaribe’s contributions to various Senate committees have showcased his dedication to good governance and accountability. Explore his journey and delve into the critical issues he intends to address in his new term.

 Adamu Aliero: A Veteran Leader Shaping Kebbi Central’s Future

Adamu Aliero’s extensive experience as Kebbi State’s former governor and FCT Minister.