Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has launched a new payment feature on its popular messaging app, WhatsApp, in Brazil to enable secure transactions within the app. The new feature is aimed at assisting small businesses to connect with customers more easily and increase their sales. The payment system allows users to browse and purchase goods and services through WhatsApp using Visa and Mastercard debit, credit, or prepaid cards.


Moreover, small businesses using the WhatsApp Business app can link their accounts to supported payment partners such as Cielo, Mercado Pago, or Rede and accept payments from customers within the app. This creates an opportunity for local businesses to sell products and services directly to their customers, making it more convenient for both parties.


Meta has assured users that their card details are encrypted and stored securely for transactions, and they will need to create a unique payment PIN for each purchase to enhance security. The company has also revealed that it is planning to expand this feature to other countries in the future.


The introduction of this payment feature on WhatsApp reinforces Meta’s commitment to expanding its services and supporting small businesses. The platform offers a convenient and reliable way for customers and businesses to carry out transactions, boosting local businesses and enhancing customer experiences. It is a significant move that will help small businesses to compete in the ever-growing market.