Authorities in Austria are conducting a thorough investigation into a 32-year-old woman suspected of attempting to murder and torturing her 12-year-old son. The distressing allegations involve the woman allegedly subjecting her child to sub-zero temperatures and starvation while confining him in a small dog cage.

Outrage in Austria as Disturbing Case Comes to Light

The revelation of this appalling case has sparked widespread outrage throughout Austria. The shocking details, now made public, have generated a collective sense of horror and concern for the welfare of vulnerable children.

Arrest and Detention: Mother in Custody Since November

The accused woman has been in pre-trial detention in Krems, a town located northwest of Vienna, since November. Authorities took action after a social worker raised the alarm, prompting an urgent response to the alarming situation faced by the young victim.

Child Found in Critical Condition: Father’s Tip Leads to Discovery

On 22 November, the child was discovered comatose and hypothermic, facing life-threatening circumstances. The father, who resides separately, reportedly alerted the authorities, leading to the rescue operation. The boy, severely malnourished and exposed to months of torture, had a dangerously low body temperature of just 26.8°C.

Mother’s Gruesome Methods: Cold Water and Sub-Zero Exposure

According to Johann Baumschlager, police spokesman for Lower Austria province, the woman is suspected of subjecting her son to horrific treatment. She allegedly doused him with cold water multiple times a day while intentionally opening the apartment’s windows for several hours, exposing him to sub-zero temperatures.

Road to Recovery: Physical Healing Amid Psychological Devastation

After receiving urgent medical attention, the boy has made progress in his physical recovery. However, the psychological impact of the ordeal remains deeply distressing. Johann Baumschlager emphasized that from a psychological standpoint, the child is still grappling with the profound effects of the traumatic experience.

Legal Proceedings and Continued Investigation

In late May, the woman’s complaint against her extended custody was rejected by the Supreme Court of Justice. The investigation into this harrowing case is expected to continue until late summer, at which point a decision regarding a potential indictment will be made.


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