Thu. Feb 20th, 2020


Ensuring a camaraderie in all depositions we find ourselves

Muse of Mine

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Muse of mine
Read into the words I leave behind
‘Tis weary that I feel tipsy
Drearier, nonetheless flimsy

Let’s make ready for the new moon
For I am with my lover tonight.

Know that my urges for you are as sweet as wine
Deeply felt it is sharp as sour grapes.
I wish to suck on your turgid pop,
Taking in pleasure I feel from no cup

My lover has breast which I tire of
She’s ardent for she has no other.
‘Tis I who be her lover.

If there was ever a moment I desire more,
That time you made me fluster sure.

Oh muse of mine
Come to me when it’s time.
To flee in thine arms of escape,
Come be with me without your night cape.

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