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My Belief in Nigerian Leaders

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Iyke Davis










I believe in a Nigeria that esteems its future in the youth and upholds it glory in her heroes and commendable leaders. Leaders who are active in genuinely serving her people.

Unfortunately, we see that some of our leaders have lost the sense of compassion for humanity and that’s the reason why they are quick to make fortunes from the office which they swore to uphold in all honesty and being wasteful of the very same resources which belongs to all citizens simply in the name of power.

To think of the fact that an average Nigerian citizen is blinded, hypnotized or rather have their minds enslaved so that (s)he could never stand up and speak upright for a just cause. In lieu of this thought then comes the question; How can one person loot billions of Naira and no one truly sues them to court and though taken, they are bailed with less than half of the money stolen?

It’s hard enough that the government instituted the close of borders without building structural facilities to replace its obvious repercussions to its citizen yet, because of who we are; tough and ever strong through challenges, we strive through to build our economy with our bare hands.

It is amusing that Nigeria, the Big brother of Africa at this stage of its independence still use campaign promises of constructing new roads and generation of electricity as soon as they resume office. No public talk of inculcating renewable energy as our main stay or even at least how to enroll the masses into welfare programs.

Every time I think that we are being fooled without stress by them. But somehow, we deserve the leaders we get. On their own part, they have clamped us down mentally. Our educational system is directly and indirectly flawed. Imagine our youths and children being enlightened even if it’s only of their rights. That would be enough to set things right. If not as a whole but gradually.

When you sell your rights for mere peanuts during an election what could possibly be the best outcome you can ever envisage. After that, what next? Be at the mercy of a self-glorying leader for the next four years?
For how long are we going to be fooled by this elitist hustlers who think only about their stomach and pride rather than the people they lead.
Nigeria wake up and live!
We need to speak up for ourselves!!!

Let’s bring back the days our forefathers believed in and fought for, which broke us loose from chains of colonization. Those memories which now seems ridiculed and abused by mismanagement of Political non-qualified aspirants who got elected by rigging their ways into power.
I tell you this day People of Nigeria, that no man can hold down the destiny of our great nation. We shall rise, shine, forge strongly as one strong united Nation blessed with unlimited resources for the good of her people.

God Bless Nigeria.

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