Everything they do including how their money is spent should be a secret to you because you don’t matter.

They enjoy giving other women attention and their conversations with the same are private. And No! you don’t get to do the same because it’s disrespectful to them. They can literally kill you if they find out.

Relationships and friendships with women at work are compulsory and  should not be questioned.

However, being friendly with any one else is wrong irrespective of who they are to you including your siblings.

Friendship has to be restricted and forced with the one that has become so distant and difficult to reach emotionally, who has hurt you countless times and who wouldn’t change for you.

You are not allowed to talk to yoυr diary or notepad or phones or keep to yoυr self to take yoυr mind off the turbulence because it makes them Mad. They insist you communicate yoυr issues to them.

When you do that though, be rest assured that it won’t make any difference because they would shout you down and ensure that whatever they have to say is final.

You should be sad and lonely at all times that’s what they want while they go out of their way to break you the more into tiny sad pieces, doing everything you have repeatedly expressed yoυr disappointment for.

Then, return they will, to blame u for  allowing them to break you.

In yoυr broken state, The cycle continues but u are expected to be the strong one , devoid of an elastic limit or anything like a fragile emotional state.

You don’t make any move because if you do, it is interpreted as wickedness and definitely a behavior that lacks submission to a higher authority.

So, I ask … what have they been doing to you since if not disrespect, hate, disregard and lack of a sense of loyalty?

All this this gravitates to reducing you to a state of numbness…no hurt, no pain just plain numb.

But, you don’t give up on life and ᴛʜᴇ possibilities it brings.

You focus on the things and the people that make u smile.

You pick yourself up…You chose what to live for and ultimately, slowly but surely, You get what counts in ᴛʜᴇ end…

Peace of mind.


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