How a volcanic eruption occurs, is a rupture in the crust of a once-structured, planetary-mass object which allows lava, volcanic ash, and gases to escape from a magma chamber below the surface.

This vivid manifestation of a volcano depicts a view of my country Nigeria in the near future.

With the emergence of violence that has become the norm in almost every state in my Country, one may ask where did we go wrong as a country, where did it all began that it has deteriorated   to this dishearten state we find ourselves.

Long gone are the days of sleeping without closing your doors…. That was how peaceful my country was, we were each other’s brother’s keeper. A mixed country of cultural diversity, rich natural resources we lived and welcome each other from different ethnic group but how has the story change or deviated to these immense decadence that stirred us in the eyes.

What makes Nigeria a country sitting on volcano?

Nigeria has becomes a lawless country, where nobody is accountable to anything or anyone, people commit crime and get away with it, and it’s a country where everything and anything goes. This kind of life style as eaten deep to every facet of this country.

The political elites have not done any better since it is now a do or die affair. These politicians are not after the betterment of this country or her citizens but have become self-centered and selfish. They make vain promises during the polls, abandoning their needs and focusing on their own corrupt agenda.

With the current rate of violence ranging from BOKO HARAM TERRORIST UPRISING, BANDITORY, ETHNIC CLASHES, VIOLENT PROTESTS and the rest. The state of the country has shown that the leaders are clueless and will not stand firm to fight these restiveness in the society. Instead the government of today stands to negotiate with criminals!

With tears in my eyes I ask is there hope for this country. Our leaders had free Education, awesome economical system that select people based on merit, and many other awesome good platforms.

Today the story is different, but what shall we say then like the Bible says ‘’ SHALL WE CONTINUE IN SIN THAT THE GRACE OF GOD MAY ABOUND ‘’   certainly not.

In trying to understand the past and how everything has been one may say there is no way out but if we can all become responsible for the betterment of this country then we can have a place we can call our home with our heads high and only then the volcano under us will never erupt.


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