The Nigeria Bar Association Makurdi Branch has taken a significant step in combating the presence of quacks in the legal profession with the implementation of the Legal Practitioners Remuneration Order. Chairman Barr. Maimuna Ikwulono revealed that this order will serve as a safeguard, ensuring that only qualified practitioners operate within the profession.

During the one-year anniversary of the EXCO, Chairman Ikwulono emphasized the importance of the remuneration order in unifying the charges of legal practitioners, particularly those in private practice. This unified approach will promote transparency and standardization across the board.

To further enhance their visibility and global reach, the NBA Makurdi branch launched its official website. Chairman Ikwulono expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “With our website, Makurdi Branch will connect with the world. It will serve as a platform to share information and strengthen our communication links globally. This initiative will keep us well-informed and proactive.”

In addition to the website launch, the Association unveiled the Bar Foyer hall, a remarkable facility capable of hosting over 100 individuals. This construction project not only provides a dedicated space for meetings and gatherings but also proves cost-effective, eliminating the need to rent external venues. Chairman Ikwulono acknowledged the previous EXCO for their efforts in initiating the hall, which has now become a valuable asset for the branch.

Reflecting on her first year as the first female chairman of the Bar in Benue State, Chairman Ikwulono highlighted the accomplishments of her administration. One notable achievement is the provision of mobility for members, ensuring convenient transportation to their desired destinations.

However, Ikwulono expressed concern over the lack of synergy among security formations, attributing it to the country’s prevailing challenges. While acknowledging President Bola Tinubu’s efforts in addressing insecurity, she called for greater coordination among security agencies to effectively combat the issues at hand. It is imperative for them to work together towards shared objectives.

The Nigeria Bar Association Makurdi Branch is steadfast in its commitment to maintaining professional standards, enhancing communication, fostering cost savings, and advocating for improved security synergy. By taking these proactive measures, the branch aims to create a more robust and secure legal environment in the region.